18./19. Nov. 2016: Functional Analytic Psychotherapy

Workshops für integrative Psychotherapie presents Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) lead by Aisling CurtinAISLING CURTIN

2-day Introduction workshop to Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP).

Genuine and intimate therapeutic relationships

FAP promotes the development of open, genuine, and intimate therapeutic relationships as a powerful road to therapeutic change. As such, conducting FAP involves not only theoretical knowledge – of how and why the relationship can shape change – but also the therapist’s willingness to be, again and again, in an authentic self-disclosing relationship with real skin in the therapy process.

This therapeutic intimacy requires therapists to develop self-knowledge; the ability to take strategic risks and be vulnerable with clients; and the ability to be emotionally close – expressing genuine emotional reactions with awareness and care. In FAP, these personal practices are deployed therapeutically within the principled framework of the FAP Five Rules.

The objective of this 2-day training is the cultivation of our capacities for awareness, courage, and therapeutic love. We will engage in a series of experiential exercises and genuine interactions with each other and, in parallel, we will apply these personal exercises in our work with clients. We will aim for personal and professional development.

Topics will include:

  • five guidelines and concrete exercises to increase connection and intensity in your therapeutic interventions;
  • functional analysis to help you decide the most effective techniques for clients with diverse histories and issues;
  • when commonly used interventions can be inadvertently counter therapeutic;
  • how to make the hidden meanings of your clients‘ communications more visible;
  • and how to best use yourself as a potent agent of change;

PowerPoint presentation, session transcripts, discussions, and experiential exercises will serve as teaching tools.

To learn more about FAP, its clinical applications, and its evidence-base, see www.faptherapy.com.

Workshop is held in English language without translation!

About the facilitators

AISLING CURTIN, M.Sc., Ps.S.I, is a registered counseling psychologist based in Dublin, Ireland. She has been training others in FAP since 2012 and ACT since 2010. Aisling is co-editor of Mindfulness and Acceptance for Gender and Sexual Minorities for New Harbinger publications due for release in 2016. She is known for her enthusiasm, passion, humor, authenticity and her capacity to make complex concepts easy to understand and apply.

RALF STEINKOPFF, Dipl. Psych., will be assisting in this workshop. He is a registered behaviour therapist in private praxis, Berlin. He is also a systemic family therapist, ACT therapist and Ericksonian Hypnotherapist.

Informed Consent: Both professional and personal development are emphasized in this group. The personal component involves exercises that facilitate self-exploration, self-disclosure and risk-taking. These are designed to cultivate FAP skills of awareness, courage, and therapeutic love and include the sharing of life stories and loss histories. This will be an intense bonding and personal growth experience, and is suitable only for those who are willing to be interpersonally vulnerable.

What previous training members have said about FAP Training:

“I am MUCH more aware of my avoidance patterns, professionally and personally. And, there is something about taking these risks that, among other things, highlights with great clarity the FREEDOM I have in the world – freedom to change, freedom to stay stuck.”

“I’ve LOVED doing the assignments; seeing you model a way of being that pulls for deepened engagement; being inspired by others‘ risks; and appreciated feedback on my case. The training gave me some specific exercises I have already started using with clients; reaffirmed that loving deeply in and of itself is transformative. This has been an extraordinary experience.”

“Learning how to „be“ in a therapeutic relationship has been one of the most valuable „take home“ ideas the group has given me.”

“I have been impacted in a very profound way, both professionally and personally. …I have become more in touch with my desire to link my personal self and my professional self that is more real, more human, and more present.”

“I saw demonstrated ‚live‘ with my colleagues, the benefits and effects of contacting stagnant emotions…I got to meet people I may not have met otherwise, and got to know them better than many I see every day…This has been a life-changing experience.”

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